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What is the New Roof No Mess Program, and how can it help me?

The Badge Program Member

As you look around this website, you will see a lot of information designed to inform you about roofing, the roofing process, and how to select a great provider of roofing services. For the money you’ll be spending, you have every right to demand the best process and materials.

We have one more qualifier that we would like you to add to your list. As you examine your roofing options, consider using a roofer who is part of the New Roof No Mess Program. Here’s why:

New Roof No Mess approved roofing companies meet qualifications that other roofers don’t have to, such as years in business and Better Business Bureau ratings.

You can learn more about the Equipter RB4000, if you would like to see it in action.

As always, if you have any roofing questions or concerns, you are welcome to email us and we will do our best to get them answered for you.